Keto Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re on a diet, however, and you’re running late in the morning, you might be thinking that skipping out on breakfast is okay. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you’re dieting, breakfast is vital, as it kick starts your metabolism and energizes you. If you’re on the keto diet, though, you do want to be sure that you’re choosing low carbohydrate breakfasts foods, as eating a low carb, high fat meals and snacks is the foundation of this diet.

When you’re in a rush, you want to grab something quick and easy for breakfast. Below, we’ve rounded up a collection of tasty and nutritious keto breakfast ideas on the go. You can prep some of these recipes beforehand so that you have a quick keto breakfast on the go that you can just grab when you’re running out the door in the morning. Some of the other keto breakfast to go recipes you can make real quick in the morning, pour in a cup or nibble on while you’re on your way to work.

Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas on the Go

Without further ado, here’s a look at our roundup of keto breakfast on the go recipes.


Nutritional information (per serve)

Prep time

1. Crunchy Keto Granola

  • 7g carbs
  • 5g protein
  • 32g fat
  • 325 calories

Prep time: 15 mins | Cook time: 60 mins

2. Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

  • 4g carbs
  • 6g protein
  • 9g fat
  • 112 calories

Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 20 mins

3. Keto Cheese Roll-Ups

  • 2g carbs
  • 13g protein
  • 30g fat
  • 330 calories

Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 0 mins

4. Low Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins

  • 0.8g carbs
  • 5.5 protein
  • 7.2g fat
  • 90 calories

Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 8 mins

5. Low Carb Western Omelet in a Jar

  • 4.3g carbs
  • 18.6g protein
  • 20.6g fat
  • 280 calories

Prep time: 10 mins | Cook time: 2 mins

1. Crunchy Keto Granola

Crunchy keto granola
Image credit: Keto Connect

Make this keto breakfast to go when you’re meal prepping for the week and you can just grab a bag full or mix some in with a cup of yogurt when you’re in a rush. It’s a perfect no-egg keto breakfast!

This recipe makes 10 servings and each serving has just 7 grams of carbs.

Find the full recipe at

2. Low Carb Chocolate Muffins

Low carb chocolate muffins
Image credit: Keto Connect

This is another great keto breakfast on the go, but you will need to make it early in the week (sorry!). It’s super easy to make, super delicious, and you can totally munch on it while you’re walking out the door.

Each muffin has just 4 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat.

Visit to find the full recipe.

3. Keto Cheese Roll-Ups

Keto cheese rollups
Image credit: Diet Doctor

Talk about an easy to make breakfast! These keto cheese roll-ups are delicious, satisfying, and will totally fuel you until lunch time. All you need is some cheddar, provolone, or edam cheese slices and grass-fed organic butter. Spread the butter over the cheese, roll the slices up, and voila! You have a delicious and nutritious easy to munch on keto breakfast.

The recipe offers 322 calories and 2 net grams of carbs.

For the full recipe, check out

4. Low Carb Broccoli Cheddar Muffins

low carb broccoli cheddar muffins
Image credit: Officially Gluten Free

Make these muffins when you’re meal prepping, or if you have time, make them fresh in the morning. Either way, they’re easy to eat while you’re commuting.

They have just 8 net grams of carbs and are totally satisfying, so you can be sure that you’ll be starting your day off on the right food.

Check out for the complete list of ingredients and instructions.

5. Low Carb Western Omelet in a Jar

Low carb omelette in a jar
Image credit: My Life Cookbook

Yes, you can make an omelet on the go! With this recipe, you’ll have a delicious and satiating low carb omelet that’s totally keto-friendly and that you can munch on while you’re heading out the door.

Each jar has about 4.3 grams of net carbs, and because it’s eggs, there’s plenty of protein, too.

Check out to find the full recipe.

Our Thoughts on Keto Breakfast to Go

Just because you’re in a rush doesn’t mean that you have to forego the most important meal of the day! With these easy keto breakfast on the go recipes, you can enjoy a satisfying breakfast and stay on track with your diet.