9 Low-Carb Recipes for Weight Loss

Low carb recipes for weight loss being demonstrated with a woman putting garnish on a low carb meal

A low carb diet that’s high in healthy fats–like the ketogenic diet or Atkins diet–has been proven to offer numerous health benefits. Not only have countless people successfully lost weight following this type of diet plan, but they’ve also experienced plenty of additional health benefits; appetite suppression, decreased blood pressure, balanced blood sugar levels, and … Read more

8 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Assortment of weight loss foods on a platter

Are your favorite pants feeling a little tight around the waist? Are you unhappy with your appearance? If you answered “yes” to one or both of those questions, you’re probably thinking about taking some action. There are a lot of different fad weight loss methodologies out there, from diet pills to high-intensity interval training. However, … Read more