Easy Keto Casserole Recipes

Easy keto casserole recipes

Warm, satisfying, and full of flavor; casseroles are the ultimate comfort food. They’re the perfect meal to warm your soul on a chilly night, ideal for an easy meal on a busy weeknight, as they cover all essential food groups in a single dish, and they’re great to feed a hungry crew. Despite all the … Read more

17 Keto Dinners to Try Tonight

Keto dinner tonight on the table at a party

There’s an endless array of diet plans to choose from, but of all the different options, the keto diet is arguably the most popular. Countless people have successfully lost weight on this diet and improved their overall health; it’s been shown to decrease blood pressure, increase HDL (the good for you) cholesterol levels, suppress appetite, … Read more

Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

Keto thanksgiving recipes on a table being eaten

The keto diet has not only proven to be an effective way to lose weight, but it’s also been shown to provide numerous health benefits such as decreased blood pressure, increased HDL cholesterol levels, blood glucose maintenance, and reduced triglycerides. In other words, in a world full of endless diet plans, keto is, without a … Read more

8 Lazy Keto Meals

Perhaps you want to shed a few pounds so you can fit into that outfit you have in mind. Maybe you just want to slim down to restore your self-confidence. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health with the added benefit of losing weight. Whatever the case may be, you might … Read more

11 Paleo Dinner Recipes

A yummy paleo dinner recipe

A lot of diets come and go, but there’s one that seems to be here to stay: The Paleo Diet. The idea behind this diet is to consume foods that are very similar to what our human ancestors consumed during the Paleolithic Age (a.k.a. cavemen). If you think about it in those terms, it’s really … Read more