Keto Chocolate Cottage Cheese Mousse

keto chocolate cottage cheese mousse in a white bowl

This decadent keto chocolate cottage cheese mousse recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet toot cravings. Made up of only 3 simple ingredient — cottage cheese, cocoa, and your choice of powdered sweetener — it is super easy and quick to make. Simply multiply this single serve recipe by the number of people you will … Read more

Keto Jello Fluff Salad

keto fluff salad being spooned out

Looking for the perfect low-carb dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth craving? Look no further! This keto jello fluff salad is a healthy variation on that old classic. Made up of sugar-free black cherry jelly, cream, nuts, cheddar cheese and cottage cheese, it’s a deliciously sweet treat that’ll also give you a nice hit of … Read more

Keto Cottage Cheese, Egg and Sausage Frittata

This protein-packed keto cottage cheese, egg and sausage frittata is the perfect recipe to prepare in advance for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack! Simply bake in advance, store in the fridge and reheat in the microwave as needed. It’s perfect for your weekly meal prep! It has a mere 2g of net carbs … Read more

Keto Cottage Cheese Breakfast Muffins

These keto cottage cheese breakfast muffins are the perfect recipe to make in advance to have breakfast ready to go for the week ahead. Eat them fresh out of the oven or store in the fridge and grab a couple on your way out the door (they’re a fantastic keto breakfasts for on-the-go). Packed with … Read more

Keto Cottage Cheese Broccoli Balls with Tahini Dip

These keto cottage cheese broccoli balls are the ultimate healthy, low-carb snack or lunch recipe that will perfectly fit within your keto diet. They’re a cheesy, moreish snack that is made up of cottage cheese, broccoli, mozzarella and seasonings. They’re rolled in an almond flour and flaxseed meal mix and then baked until golden and … Read more

Keto Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

keto cottage cheese breakfast bowl surrounded by pink flowers

Sometimes I’m just after a quick and easy breakfast that’s high in protein and not too calorie heavy. Well, this keto cottage cheese breakfast bowl is one of my favs for that very reason! The cottage cheese provides a ton of protein without adding as much fat as other dairy products / cheeses. In fact, … Read more

Simple Keto Quiche (No Crust)

keto quiche with no crust in baking pan

This recipe makes for the perfect low-carb, healthy meal prep for when you are on the go and need something quick for breakfast, a snack or light lunch. Simply combine the minimal ingredients together, bake and slice and you are ready to go. The ‘secret’ ingredient here is cottage cheese. This light, mild and creamy … Read more

Keto Cottage Cheese Spanakopita Casserole

keto cottage cheese spanakopita being served on a kitchen knife

This keto cottage cheese Spanakopita is my take on that most yummy – but carb-heavy – traditional Greek recipe (perhaps the most popular Greek dish in the world). Everyone loves pie, but spinach tends to be something that people either love or hate. When it comes to Greek Spanakopita, however, things are different. Everyone I’ve … Read more

Mini Keto Breakfast Cheesecakes with Almond Crust

mini keto breakfast cheesecake on a plate

If you’re after a sweet but almost completely sugar-free breakfast, these mini keto breakfast cheesecakes are just the thing! Made to mimic real cheesecakes (only mini), they use a yummy, buttery almond crust with a cottage cheese filling. Each mini keto cheesecake has just 2.5g of net carbs and 13g of fat! They’re delicious and … Read more

Easy Keto Mac and Cheese (Using Cauliflower)

A healthier, low carb twist on a classic mac and cheese recipe. Opting for the cauliflower base of this recipe in place of macaroni pasta not only makes it so much healthier and lower in carbohydrates, but it creates a delicious depth of flavour and is sure to hit those warm, comfort food cravings. It’s … Read more